5 Life Goals to Get Richer in 5 Years

Life Goals to AchieveI try to live life with no regrets. However, it’s hard to accomplish because I make mistakes (a lot). I can’t know with confidence that a decision that I made when I was in my late-10s were sound decisions nor do I know the decisions I make today are sound. I haven’t experienced a lot yet so I have no idea if I made or am making the correct choices. Reflecting back, I had a couple of decisions that I wished I had done differently. I will lay out life goals to achieve in my 20s to build wealth and not have regrets in my late 20’s or 30s. Here are goals to accomplish so in 5 years, you don’t feel the painful feeling of regret. Do something TODAY so five years out, you don’t have the same regrets THEN.

Life Goals are Timeless

First, I want to say that it’s never too late to start working on your life goals. Look at them long-term that you can implement TODAY, little by little, then in 5 years you will be able to look back and thank yourself for achieving and working towards these goals.

Goal #1 Look for Ways to Earn More

Money is not the end goal in life but it sure can bring happiness and comfort at times. I’m looking for ways to earn more income, whether it’s just 10, 20, 50 dollars more a month. It may not sound like a lot, $50 a year. However, I like looking at income and/or expenses over a year out to be able to feel the true effects of a financial decision better.

50 dollars a month is 600 dollars a year, which can buy a lot of things that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. If I put those 600 dollars to work in the stock market until I’m 65, with a 7% return assumption, it’s worth $11,385. Now, $11,385 when I’m 65 is going to be worth less than $11,385 today but I can assure you it’s still going to be a lot of money 43.5 years out. 

That is also just saving $600 ONE year. What if I save $600 the next year? Another 5 figure increase in my retirement. Then next year? Then next year? It’s not that little amounts add up to a huge amount, it’s that little amounts will GROW to a big amount. It’s like a baby, after decades and decades of taking care of him or her, the baby will grow and be self-sustaining. 

Goal #2 Keep That Body Healthy

Working Out
This is important!

I work out 4x a week for about 45 minutes to an hour. It’s not intense work outs because I don’t have a gym membership. I just run, do push ups, and squat outside. I may spend 45 minutes – 1 hour working out but I gain about an extra 1.5 hours of productivity. Why? Working out makes me have more intense sleep cycles. Because the intensity of my sleep is up, I need less sleep to feel refreshed. I still sleep the same amount because I love sleeping, but when I wake up, I feel more energized than before.

As an estimate, I probably need to sleep 30 minutes to an hour less than if I hadn’t worked out. Furthermore, when I come home and get on the computer, I don’t feel as tired. Therefore, I don’t get sucked into a trap known as instant gratification. Being tired can get you to stay looking at your computer surfing the web for hours at a time.

Goal #3 Build Better Relationships

I LOVE taking to people. People know or do at least one thing that you can learn from. If you look at it in the world, that’s 7 billion+ unique things that you can learn. Fantastic! They have their unique interests that give them a fresh new perspective and by taking an interest in their interests, you could learn something new that changes behavior, gain their “like,” and have a pleasant conversation. 

Right now, my plan is to meet at least one new person a week within the company that I work for. I’ve been able to meet amazing people and learned so much. The world is such a complex web it’s nice to have someone guide me through it. I also keep in touch with a lot of them by sending periodic emails to see how they’ve been doing. I call my friends periodically as well (not text them, call them). 

One thing that I want to clarify is that I don’t talk to people because I want something out of them. I talk to people because I have a genuine interest in learning more about the person. I never judge. There’s a girl in my work class that the majority do not like. However, I saw a positive in her and ignored the negative. She is great at putting presentations together and is very organizational. I am none of those things so I talked to her about it to learn and she was happy to talk. 

Goal #4 Read a New Book Per Month

Learning Gives you an Edge
This can give you an edge

I enjoy reading. It hasn’t happened a lot these days because of this blog and work, but I’m 33% through with Blink. I wasn’t always enthusiastic about reading. In middle school, high school, and sometimes even in college, I read assigned readings and would force myself to do extra readings. I say forced because a lot of other books that I picked up didn’t interest me.

This was the misconception that I needed to correct. I read books because I thought it was good for me. I didn’t read books because I WANTED to. Now, I research books and look for subjects that I want to learn more about. Things that I want to learn more about in the next couple of months is decision making processes, negotiation, and how to play office politics.

I look for continuous ways to learn and improve because I believe it will give me an edge over someone who doesn’t. It’s not by accident that business leaders read at least 3 hours a day. Warren buffet reads probably closer to 10 hours a day. It’s a game of competition and I believe preparation is what gets you there. Reading can be a significant differentiator.


Watching the Olympics are great and all and I love cheering on countries. However, I watch the Olympics on occasion through TVs in restaurants or bars. I do not own a TV (I used to own a brand new, not opened TV but donated it to my brother). Television just ruins you. Your eyes get more strained, it gets you more lethargic, and it wastes time. 

It’s hard to get used to not having a television, I understand. That’s why it’s just better to own no television whatsoever. I use my computer for entertainment purposes (Youtube, news articles, Facebook, etc). I don’t waste any time turning on the television that gets me sucked in to watch it after work. Instant gratification sucks  you in without you even realizing it.

Give Yourself a Slight Edge

In the end, setting goals to achieve in the next 5 years will help you successful. I outlined 5 that I know will get you richer in 5 years if done little by little and consistently over time. Little by little means giving yourself a slight edge by improving 0.27% (1 / 365 days) every day. Improving yourself by this much every day gets you to be 100% better by year-end.

Isn’t that amazing? You will double yourself by year-end if you follow goals to be successful. You can’t get that returns in the stock market! By end of year 2, you will have quadrupled yourself, By end of year 3, you will have 8x’d yourself! Holy cow!

Readers, what are your goals to be more successful? The life goals I outlined above will guarantee success if you practice them consistently over the next 5 years!


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14 thoughts on “5 Life Goals to Get Richer in 5 Years

  1. Stick to that plan if something doesn’t go right doesn’t always mean you did something wrong and if you make a mistake put it in the past and move forward.

  2. I love each of your goals, and I can see how much they add to your enjoyment of life, and your ability to overcome the challenges they present. We (my wife and I) have made a conscious decision to work hard at blogging, our diets, working out, spending quality time with each other, studying and FIRE-related-goals. We have made great progress with all of these goals already. In 5 years time, like you say, hopefully we’ve come along in leaps and bounds 🙂 There’s 3 things I’d love to have achieved in 5 years – have our IVF baby(ies), make a part time job’s worth of income from the blog and have completed my further education. This will put us in a great position!


    • Fantastic! I’m looking forward to updates on your extra education that you’ve posted some about, I have nothing but good hopes for the results!
      I see goals as something that you should target that is both enjoyable AND helps you get better. I’m also trying to work hard at blogging but it’s a huge roller coaster at times because the results is almost never consistent. I’m trying to write consistently and add value to readers so I can make it happen, however!

  3. Awesome goals, great work putting this post together. Lots can be learned by following this advice.

    I love the tip on meeting new people and trying to learn something new from each acquaintance. You gain from networking and by learning from others, that’s a major positive in relationship building!

    TV is a trap for me. There are something I just can’t do without watching, primarily sports. But what I’ve started to do is watch TV while working or so it’s not a waste of time.

    • I used to have the wrong idea when it comes to networking, I always thought that I had to get something out of them then otherwise I wasted my time. I also don’t follow others who say “every people you meet adds an extra $100,000 to your net worth.” I don’t want to meet people because I want to add them to my net worth, I want to meet people because I enjoy talking to people!
      I can’t not watch sports either, primarily basketball or tennis. I usually just wait until the big moments come up (semis or finals) then I invest my time into it, and I also know that there’s a lot of utility in watching/following a lot of sports!

    • I never realized how important it was until MrTakoEscapes highlighted why it’s important in a post he did. The post is titled “a silent killer” if you wanted to check it out!

  4. Reading more books is a great goal for anyone trying to build a richer life. I think a lot of people are in the same boat that you were in thinking that reading books is good for them, but not something they enjoy. Good on you for going out and finding books that spark your interest and drive you to read more!

    • Thanks! It took me such a long time to figure that out, but the great part is, it may take years before I find out an important piece of information, but once I find out that information, I will take full advantage of it and my learning curve becomes an almost “1” shape. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Staying healthy is really important! I also feel more productive when I exercise. I’m fortunate to have an on-site gym at work, so that makes working out more convenient. Staying healthy also reduces your future medical bills (most likely), so it helps in that way too.

    All good tips to follow!

    • I also have an on-site gym at work but the workout facility isn’t as good as there’s only running machines and aerobic exercises. No free weights 🙁 I’ve had to resort to running outside and doing body weight exercises! Staying healthy is a great way to live longer and save money on future medical bills as you’ve said. I feel like I’m much more in control of my body if I work out which is great!

  6. Great goals!

    I like to tell young people to have goals in life as without goals is like going on a long journey without knowing your destination. Nothing is certain in life but having goals definitely helps keep your focus.

    We all make mistakes when we are young. Key is to learn from those mistakes and try not to repeat them. Mistakes or bad decisions when not fixed quickly, tend to compound over time.

    Regarding “No Television” goal, there used to be some good financial programs on TV. I used to watch “Suze Orman Show” and “Til Debt Do US Part”. Both shows are discontinued now, but I find them to be quite entertaining and educational. Suze Orman sometimes comes on Public TV. Look up these two shows on the web. Also, the only cable channel I watch is CNBC as I find their daily commentary on market and economy to be useful. I ignore lot of day-to-day trader suggestions, but still find CNBC to be quite useful.

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thanks! Without direction, it’s easy to get lost and hard to know where you’re going. Laser like focus helps a lot to get ahead!

      I agree, that’s why I’m going to do these goals today so I don’t have any regrets in the future. Hopefully my mistakes don’t return!

      Oh cool, I had no idea those two programs existed, I’ll try to check those programs out in my computer! I don’t like to follow day-to-day trader suggestions either on CNBC (cough Cramer). I like to ignore all the noise that others are making and focusing on what my investment principles are. At the end of the day, it’s my decisions that are going to make or lose money.

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