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I’m a university graduate with a degree in finance. Ever since I was a little kid, I was heavily influenced by my parents who did everything they could to save a penny while not sacrificing the essential stuff like food, clothes, and place to live.

This lesson passed on to me and I continued to employ the lesson throughout my days in college and I will continue to follow my parent’s path.

I graduated college with no debt (paid for my tuition with scholarships and parental help allowed me to not take on any debt) even after buying my car. I did not get there because my parents were rich and I had a nice trust fund coming my way. I got there because I worked incredibly hard to not be poor, even throughout college.

I worked multiple jobs (sometimes in the same semester) while in college while maintaining an honors level GPA. I achieved financial security (not freedom or independence) that helped me not worry about money as I went through my classes.

I hate poverty. My grandparents lived and are still living in poverty to the point where life is/was difficult for them. They can’t afford the piling medical bills and is working currently when they should be retired and enjoying life. Looking at their situation made me realize that I don’t ever want to be poor. It was one critical conversation that I had with my mother that fueled my desire to work as hard as I can to never let money worry me.

I knew that only I could be the difference in deciding whether I will be living paycheck to paycheck worrying about whether I can make the next rent payment or whether I will be living comfortably without money problems. I can control my effort.

I can control if I’ll spend time reading and learning about how to develop myself and/or business, giving myself an edge or if I’ll spend time watching a Television program and wondering where my last half hour went (probably spent more time watching advertisements helping businesses earn money in that half hour than the TV program). I control whether I will be nice to others not because he or she might help me later down the road but because I want to be. I control whether to eat junk food or run a mile that takes 9 minutes (am working to improve this time).

This thought motivates me every day to wake up and be a better person than I was yesterday. I am gradually, very little by little, trying to be a better person and what’s amazing is, it’s my choice. It’s all up to me to reach financial independence and it’s not who’s going to let me, it’s who’s going to stop me.

Through this blog, I’m hoping to document my journey towards reaching my goals and hopefully you, the readers, can learn from my potential successes and failures that will result.

I recognize that no matter how much effort I put in, I might always not reach the results. However, even though I cannot control the result, I will, without fail, put in the effort because all I can do is give it the best possible effort I could ever give and hope for the best. If I don’t reach it, I learn what went wrong and adjust.

Bullet Proof Version of the Writer

  • Absolutely obsessed about finance
  • Hate when something doesn’t happen because I failed to put in the work
  • When faced with a decision to make, would much rather fail miserably than stand still
  • Loyal to anyone who is loyal to me and helped me out at any point in my life
  • Follow the golden rule to treating others
  • Love playing tennis (unfortunately, haven’t played as much as high school), chess (ranked in United States Chess Federation but forgot my ranking! Will play anyone in Chesscube , basketball (not very good though), poker, and blackjack
  • Love ridiculously corny jokes (you will notice a lot of this when you read my posts. Comments about how corny my posts are / groans are welcome, if not expected!)
  • Worked minimum wage jobs before – and man, it was hard!
  • Love exclamation marks!


Why I Started this Blog

I’ve learned so much from personal finance blogs that I’ve followed. I can only hope to provide my own unique take to the puzzling subject of money and help others to reach their financial goals! I hope to provide valuable content that my readers can use and at the same time, learn from my readers.

The difference between this blog and the other finance blogs that are out there is that this blog will be about my own unique experience and perspective through my journey. I can guarantee that there isn’t a single blog that has shared, is sharing, or will share my exact same net worth path and I believe you, the reader, can gain something from this difference.

What can an immigrant college-educated male teach you about personal finance? You will find out through time!


Contact Information

If you wish to contact me and keep me company, I welcome that! My email is solvefinance [at] gmail [dot] com



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