invisible employee

An Invisible Employee that Works For You

Everybody has an invisible employee. Some seem to have more invisible employees than others, but the great thing is, everyone has them. This particular employee doesn’t have any feelings to consider for, will never complain, and you legally control it like a slave. What employee am I talking about? Time

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What Donald Trump Means for Your Portfolio

First, I want to apologize. I haven’t had enough free time to devote to blogging this past week because I moved from Alabama back to the good old state of Texas. I’m almost settled in to the new city so I will have time to up my time to blogging more. I will never quit or stop blogging so do not worry about that!  A lot of things happened in the past week (ahem, Trump) and I have a few opinions about Trump’s rise to presidency.

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thousand mile journey

Get Out of Debt or Invest? Don’t Take On Bad Risk

get out of debtA common question is whether to use leftover money to get out of debt or invest. The idea is that if the return you get in the stock market is greater than the debt’s interest payment, you should do it. I am here to tell you, DON’T DO IT. I will go over reasons why paying off debt is better than investing. I’m a big fan of using debt to your advantage if it makes sense. However, this isn’t one of those times where it makes sense. If you’re in a significant amount of debt, it means that you’re in a hole. Doing something that gets you out of the hole is the necessary action you need to take. Investing can put you in a bigger hole.

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thousand mile journey

Dow Jones Reaches All Time High


This will be a short post. Dow Jones reached all time highs this week. After it happened early in the week I was ready for a decline but it reached higher highs every day this week. I didn’t do anything to my portfolio and enjoyed nice gains in my index funds that I am invested in. It was also a dividend quarter and reaped $170 worth of dividends. Cash up!

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