pile of money

What If a $50,000 Pile of Money Fell In Your Lap?

It could happen. You could suddenly win the lottery, win over-the-top health insurance money, or any of the other things that could give you a pile of money. I potentially could be put in that situation where I come out $50,000 richer. 

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dominate your job interview

How to Dominate Your Job interview

Do you want to dominate your job interview? Of course you do! The trick to dominate your job interview isn’t to answer questions perfectly. It’s to take care of the little details that give a good impression. Yes, you need to be able to do the job and you need to answer questions very well. However, the most judgement will go towards the little things that you do.

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ideal self

Your Ideal Self Starts with a Purpose

I’m blogging hopefully to better my reader’s financial lives. I write about how to save thousands a year, how to become a millionaire, developing your career, and everything in between. These are things I advocate because these are components that I can see my ideal self having. However, with every end goal to be the best that you can be, the first step is to determine your purpose.

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horrible job featured

5 Ways a Horrible Job Helps You

A horrible job can be a blessing in disguise. I’ve had my fair share of horrible jobs and I can say that I took something out of each one. It taught me so many life skills and characteristics that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. There are 5 ways that a horrible job can actually help you, instead of hurting you.

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long lasting relationships

How to Build Long Lasting Relationships

Last Tuesday, I went to my first networking event that wasn’t company sponsored. It was for INROADS, an organization that promotes diversity and connects underserved youth with employers looking for top notch talent. I’m not and wasn’t affiliated with the organization at all, and it was a second annual ALUMNI event, so needless to say, I felt so out of place. How can I build long lasting relationships when I feel so scared to talk to anyone?! I managed to build up the courage to talk to 3 individuals there and in the few minutes of talking to them, they made all the difference in the world in my life. Here is how.

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thousand mile journey

Make the Most of Time and Achieve More

Most of TimeTime is finite. Yet for some people, like Jack Dorsey who runs 2 multi billion companies, it almost feels like they are breaking the 168 hour limit that’s set for everyone. He fully takes advantage of the seconds and minutes he’s given. It’s the biggest kind of waste when you don’t take full advantage of the time you have. Making the most of time that you are given is important to reaching financial independence.

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thousand mile journey

Be Brutally Honest With Yourself

Brutally HonestHonesty is the best policy, they say. What’s even better is being brutally honest. As humans, we have a tendency to think of ourselves to be better than we actually are. If you take a poll with a large sample size to judge a skill they have, the majority of them will say that they are better than average. Whether they say that because they actually are or because they think they are are two different things. This is called the overconfidence bias. 

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thousand mile journey

Define How You Get Motivated

Get MotivatedThere are tons of ways to get motivated. It’s what you need before you decide that you want to do something. Whether you want to earn a little extra cash, work harder to get that job promotion, or get out of bed, motivation is the first step before you make a decision. You may want to reach financial independence faster, get out of bed for food, or have more financial security. These are great end results, and the first thing to get motivated is to define what drives you.

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thousand mile journey

Average Joes are Never Rewarded

Average JoesI like to work harder than the average Joe when it comes to getting my stuff done. I double majored, triple minored, took 2 jobs throughout college, and joined a mentorship program to mentor underclassmen transitioning into college. My summers were spent in internships and working out, making sure that the dreaded Sarcopenia doesn’t hit me in my 30s and beyond as extensively as someone who hasn’t been physically active.

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thousand mile journey

Fight for What You Want Your Entire Life

NegotiationI was sitting down with an advisor to a multi-billion dollar company one day after I reached out to him after meeting him casually in an event. I reached out because I wanted his advice on a recent job offer I received because while the salary was great for an entry level position, it wasn’t great for living in LA, California. The company might have been still worth it though so I wanted to ask him some of the factors he would advise me to consider before accepting or rejecting the offer.

He gave me a lot of great advice, one of which was to consider how great I thought management of the company was because I would be dependent on management’s performance when it comes to the future of the business. Then he advised me to negotiate my salary but I shot back saying that I didn’t want to seem like I’m only in it for the money. Then he immediately responded with “You’re going to fight for everything your entire life” and that was when I started to realize the importance of negotiating, especially in the business world.

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