First Post! Hello World!

Hi everyone! This is my very first post. My friends have been bugging me to start a personal finance blog for quite some time now after they learned I procrastinated on starting one for the past 6 months.

A little about me, I am recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in finance. I graduated with about $30,000 in savings, no debt (no I was not born into a wealthy family!), and a $10,000 car, because I made different choices than my friends in terms of work ethic and I am incredibly lucky to have loving parents. I will explain the journey into how I got to have such savings while being in college and going forward, you, the readers, can experience all of my wins and losses alongside me as I enter the workforce really soon!

I love personal finance and I’ve learned so much from others while reading through personal finance blogs in my college days while I was procrastinating (I mean studying!) for my classes. I hope to give some insight that I’ve learned throughout my existence and look forward to learning so much from the readers as well. My goal is to put myself in a position where working will become a want and not a need. My Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to have a net worth of $5M in 10 years. Will I achieve it?

I will be touching on a few subjects such as cutting expenses, increasing income, or any other subject that may help you, the readers, become financially independent. Let’s solve that mystery called finance and live a better life!

Finance Solver

I grew my net worth to $40,000 as a college student through hard work, discipline, and a little bit of luck. I graduated college in 2016 and will be starting to plan for my retirement once I start working.I am planning on reaching financial independence by my early 30's and I will document my moments of inspiration all the way to desperation here.

My goal is to enable your success in personal finance so that you can realize the American dream. The first step is starting today!

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