Making a Difference (MAD) Series

Canadian Budget Binder, a personal finance blog, featured Solving Finance in a series he calls Making a Difference (MAD). Come find out a little more about myself and why and how I want to make a difference with my blog that I have. Head on over to check it out!

CBB has a lot of great content packed into one post every Saturday. Today he’s comparing a life of a tooth fairy to being rich. A different approach and idea to achieving financial goals. 

Finance Solver

I grew my net worth to $40,000 as a college student through hard work, discipline, and a little bit of luck. I graduated college in 2016 and will be starting to plan for my retirement once I start working.I am planning on reaching financial independence by my early 30's and I will document my moments of inspiration all the way to desperation here.

My goal is to enable your success in personal finance so that you can realize the American dream. The first step is starting today!

Read more about me here.

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4 thoughts on “Making a Difference (MAD) Series

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thanks Tristan! Appreciate it 🙂 he’s looking for other bloggers so if you want to shoot him a note to be featured, I’m sure he’ll be receptive to it!

  1. Congrats! I was featured on his round-up several months ago. He’s a great help & it’s the post I look forward to reading each week from him to see if I know any of the blogs!

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