Million Dollar Club, I’m Joining!

million dollar club

I am joining the Million Dollar Club! No I have not become a millionaire yet (I’m so far from it). The Million Dollar Club is J$’s creation at Budgets Are Sexy to make it public the steps that a blogger or someone is taking to be able to become a millionaire.

I want to be a millionaire so badly and I am taking steps to get to where I want to go. The ideal age that I want to be come a millionaire is 35 but I expect it to be a little later, like 40. Becoming a millionaire is no easy task and I expect there to be a lot of bumps in the road but I will get there. No one in my family is or has ever been a millionaire so first time for everything right?

As Part of the Million Dollar Club, These are My Pledges:

1) Max out my 401k and HSA every year (with the exception of 2016). No excuses. Without fail.

2) 95% of the time only spend on things I need and the other 5% of the time splurge a little to blow off steam and get back to the course

3) Work on increasing my income through hustling at work and creating side income opportunities

4) Lend a helping hand to people who want to achieve early retirement as well

5) Give back to my family and my community where I am able to contribute

6) Never pay credit card interest 

7) 95% of the time buy something for value, never the price and think about the long-term 

8) Never, EVER invest in something I don’t understand

9) Never forget the reason why I want to be financially independent

10) Have fun and enjoy the ride!

I’m confident that with making my goals public, every single one of  you can hold me accountable (if you wish). I can visualize that million dollar mark already and I will get there. Who’s with me?!

Readers, are you taking the right steps to becoming a millionaire? Will I ever achieve it? Let me know in the comments below!


Finance Solver

I grew my net worth to $40,000 as a college student through hard work, discipline, and a little bit of luck. I graduated college in 2016 and will be starting to plan for my retirement once I start working.I am planning on reaching financial independence by my early 30's and I will document my moments of inspiration all the way to desperation here.

My goal is to enable your success in personal finance so that you can realize the American dream. The first step is starting today!

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26 thoughts on “Million Dollar Club, I’m Joining!

  1. I love the pledges! I haven’t official joined the club, but we are definitely working towards the goal. With your discipline and mindset I know you’ll make it. I look forward to following your journey. 🙂

  2. Congrats on joining the club. I’m 30 and I really haven’t made any solid projections for attaining millionaire status. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I will be one in 40 years. I have a small home loan to repay and we are prepaying as much as possible.

    Look forward to reading more about your progress and the other financial goals you will be making.

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thank you, I’m with some really great company. I’m sure you can reach the millionaire mark maybe mid 40’s or even early 50’s! Still significantly earlier than the traditional retirement age of 65!

      Thank you so much for following along, I’m also a follower of your blog as well!

  3. Very good FS, welcome to the club 🙂
    I would be surprised if you don’t get there earlier than expected. It has been my experience that when we get our minds to some task, we tend to do better than we originally planned.
    Make a note of what you believe is a reasonable year now. You can then review this every year or so to see if you’re on track!

    • Finance Solver says:

      I feel great being in the club! I hope that I get earlier than expected, but I want to stay conservative so that I don’t get more disappointed.
      I’m actually planning on post (I’m not sure when I’ll post) that details my plan on reaching the million dollar mark so stay tuned! 🙂

  4. Don’t forget about your IRA under #1!

    One recommendation for you is to build yourself some kind of high-liquidity cushion like an emergency fund (maybe you already have one) in case of sudden job loss or perhaps a good investment opportunity pops up. Regardless, it sounds like you’ve got a good plan to reach your goal!

    • Finance Solver says:

      Great point! However, I think investing in an iRA is a bit hard for me after maxing out my 401k and HSA. Have to find more income to be able to contribute!

      Thank you for the recommendation! I have a 5 figure fund that’s in my brokerage account that can be turned into cash in the next 5 business days or so. I’m hoping that that’ll be enough, or better yet, hoping that I don’t ever have to use it.

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thank you! I recommend it. It’s a great way to be motivated and be next to others who want to achieve the same thing we all want to do. I need all the luck I can get!

  5. Congrats! You are on your way. It’s all about the mindset and keeping your focus on your goals/pledges. Since you still have some major life events ahead of you such as getting married, having kids, and buying a house, make sure to pick a life partner that shares and supports your pledges and goals.

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thank you! Hopefully I never forget my goals in the 10+ years worth of journey that’s ahead of me. I agree completely. I’m a little scared that my future wife won’t share my financial beliefs but that’s what future me has to worry about right? Ha

  6. This is fantastic, FS! Stating a goal publically is both courageous and inspiring to others. Your list is excellent because it’s not only specific, but it’s purposeful. A lot of people for their WHY, or forget to have fun along the way. Wishing you all the best and eager to watch your progress!

    • Finance Solver says:

      It’s also scary as well.. But I was never the one to back down from a fight.

      I’m prepared for the bumpy ride. I know it’s not all going to be fun, there’s going to be wide ranges in ups and downs but I’m mentally prepared for them right now. Thank you so much Michael! I gotta catch up to your net worth, ya know 😉

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thanks Ricard! I welcome the challenge 😉 we can both keep each other accountable since we want to reach the millionaire status at the exact same age.

  7. Oh, the double comma club. Some days, it seems like a pipe dream. Other days, it seems like we’ll get there soon enough. My husband and I have the great fortune of qualifying for pensions. The catch is that our state hasn’t had a budget in a year or so…and the governor desperately wants to kill unions and pensions. It seems like the state constitution is keeping my dollars safe (for now), but things are so murky, I actually don’t know what my pension looks like. The most current information I can access is what I’ve contributed up to two years ago. Crazy, huh? Still, when we consider that, we feel much better about where we stand (it’s at least an extra $100,000 that we’ve put towards retirement). But we really don’t want to rely on pensions. So the double comma club feels far away indeed.

    • Finance Solver says:

      No way! I haven’t heard companies offering pensions these days (because I heard they have bankrupted some companies before). I hope the political scene doesn’t influence your pension benefit.

      That is really crazy, two years worth of contributions and can’t even see the end result?! And that is a significant amount of savings. I have no idea when I’ll even reach the first $100,000 but I have to reach it before I get to the millionaire status that I want. That one step seems so far away.

      I am confident that we will get there, one way or another. We have other personal finance bloggers who’re disciplining us into reaching it 😉

  8. Welcome to the club! 🙂

    I joined in July of this year and am so happy I did. The process of being publicly transparent with your finances is difficult but having a gola to reach and people backing you is such a great motivator. I wish I had done it sooner!! 🙂

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thank you, I feel so welcomed 🙂

      Better late than never! Other bloggers are motivational and inspirational for me to reach my goals. That’s what I love about blogging!

  9. I love your pledges FS, it’s great you’re holding yourself so accountable to all of us – we will be watching! 🙂

    You will definitely achieve it, you’ve already made great steps with what you’ve done. I know you will do it.

    But I wish you good luck anyway!


    • Finance Solver says:

      Thanks Tristan! I encourage everyone to watch and call me out if I make bad financial decisions 😉

      I need all the luck that I can get with this journey, I appreciate it a lot!!

  10. Love this post! It made me think about myself.. I never aimed to be a millionaire, I just want to live comfortably but money does buy you freedom so I must keep reminding myself that.
    You have a very interesting blog and your dermination makes me believe that you will achieve your goals even sooner!x

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thank you! I can only hope that I will reach the millionaire status. I know that it’ll be a long and hard road but I’m always up for the challenge. Thanks for stopping by!

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