Routine and repetitive tasks to do to achieve glamorous and realistic results

MillionaireThere are endless ways to succeed in this world. Some of the ways to put yourself in a position to succeed is to start a business, spend endless hours on networking events, write a novel, and so much more.

Technology made a lot of things possible, such as using to join networking events around your city ranging from real estate, LinkedIn networking, coding groups, and so on, or you could also use Kindle to publish your own book. Life has never been better!

Starting a business has never been cheaper and easier with online platforms. I can say with confidence that it has never been a more exciting time to be on Earth than the present. Things are improving everyday and that gives me hope for someone like me to be able to make it in this world!

So What?

Because of endless opportunities that are around every day, it would be wasteful of me if I do not try to become as successful as I possibly can be. I ask myself frequently how I can improve on and areas that I could improve on and you can too.

It’s all about positioning. In this post, I will be detailing some habits that I will practice in order to put myself in a position to succeed, not actually to succeed. Of course, I want to succeed and that will be my end goal, but positioning propels me up the steps in the ladder to reach my destination.

Can Only the Gifted Succeed?

The goals I’m about to mention are achievable by anyone in the next 10 years. If it’s achievable by anyone, why isn’t everyone successful? The missing link is the habit of doing them. As Dominic at GenYFinanceGuy brilliantly points out, improving yourself by 0.27% every day will put you on a path to be better 100% by year end. You’ve doubled in value in just one year, well how about that?

This is a pure gold idea in and of itself. You don’t have to improve massive amounts every day to get to where you want to go. I don’t know about my readers but I’ve had moments at 2:00am when I suddenly get a jolt of energy and motivation and made plans to dominate the world by starting 10 businesses, meeting 500 CEOs by year end, exercising 5 hours every day, while only sleeping 2 hours every day. Ah, got to love those short-lived moments of feeling invincible!

The next day I wake up, I felt the inevitable “what was I thinking” moment and I couldn’t even get out of bed even after spending 5 hours browsing Facebook on my phone! What happened?? Since our bodies love being in a state of homeostasis (balance), all the extra motivation has to be balanced with an extra dose of demotivation. Darn science..

Goals to crush in the next 10 years

I will be highlighting (and you, the readers, can hold me accountable for following through!) things that I want to achieve in the long-term. I will be leaving short sticky-notes next to my desk so I can be constantly reminded by them. If anyone follows these goals daily in the next 10 years, I am confident that both of us can be millionaires by the end of it.

  • Focus on earning more. I will be starting work on August and starting from then, I will be looking for endless opportunities to increase my income. The thoughts that I have to do so are by negotiating my salary (my program is almost a training program and after the program I will negotiate for my actual salary) and creating passive income opportunities. Preparation is key so I will be reading negotiation books and for passive income, I will be doing surveys, investing for dividends, and maybe real estate.
  • Put in your dues. I am planning on enjoying my nights working harder than my fellow graduates by putting in the work. The minimum number of hours I plan on working at my day job is 50 and maximum is 70. I will be asking for zero vacations while I do this! Working over the 40 hours a week will give me a side benefit to learning more, which I am infinitely trying to do every day.
  • Network. I plan on using more frequently and will be scouting my local governmental agency for any other networking groups that I can join. The more people I meet, the more I learn!
  • Invest. With the market in a turmoil right now because of Brexit it’s time to shop the discounts! The great thing is, I don’t need any coupons to buy stocks, they are discounted already! I never worry if the time that I entered in a trade is the right time because involvement trumps timing, in my opinion. Investing creates interest that creates interest that works in your interest.
  • Stay healthy. If you’ve read prior posts about me living through a college semester on $2 a day, you can probably tell it isn’t the healthiest of options. Even though I have no regrets doing so, I want to watch out for my health. Therefore, I plan on working out 3x a week for 45 minutes each to give me piece of mind.
  • Review weekly goals. One of my greatest regrets that I’ve had as a college student was that I spread myself too thin. I was going 100 miles per hour double majoring, triple minoring, mentoring, and working 2 jobs. However, I didn’t portion any time to review my goals. Without reviewing, I didn’t know the direction I was going towards. This led to lots of unnecessary stresses, interviewing with companies that didn’t align in my interests, and opportunity costs!


What’s fantastic is that I firmly believe in a rule that defines how many success it takes to be successful. I believe that I hit a home run with choosing the right employer so now I just need to maintain that relationship as far as earning goes. I am happy to be carving my path to success.

Join me in practicing those habits that I mentioned above. We can hold each other accountable to end up in a much better position in 10 years!

Readers, what are you doing to put yourself in a position to succeed? Did I leave anything out that so obvious that you’re dying to say? Leave a comment below!



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10 thoughts on “Routine and repetitive tasks to do to achieve glamorous and realistic results

  1. These are some really great goals to work towards. I have been very focused on earning more since graduating college and it’s worked out pretty well for me. That’s not to say it hasn’t been a ton of work and required a lot of sacrifice, but overall it’s been worth the effort.

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thank you! I’ve been just waiting for the moment to get out of the classroom and earn. I’m a weird one in that I get a lot of utility from working so hopefully I can use that to my advantage. Great to hear that you’ve been able to earn more, let the passive income keep on rolling!

  2. Welcome to the community!

    You are getting a crazy early head start on most people and have already proven you can put int the work to succeed.

    I love your point about putting in your dues, knowing you have to put the time in will set you apart from your peers very quickly and the veterans will respect you for it – great outlook

    • Finance Solver says:

      Thank you, I am glad to be a part of it!

      I’m trying every day to better myself, I believe that putting in the work will get me the results that I want, hopefully I can continue to prove that in the upcoming years.

      I’ve got everything to prove and nothing to lose. Will put in 50-70 hour work weeks!

  3. It’s nice to publish your goals to keep yourself accountable. Plus I think it’ll be interesting to read yourself 10 years from now to see how you did.

    I’m looking to also increase my income through my employment which is probably the most efficient way. Secondly, my goal is to build other income streams that hopefully can sustain basic expenses in 10 years time.

    You mention the market turmoil due to Brexit but I’d have to disagree. Stocks are at an all time high!

    • Finance Solver says:

      I agree, I’m excited for what the future holds. I’m trying everyday to put myself up for success but in the process, I’m also putting myself up for failure because I’m never always going to be successful.

      Increasing income through your active income is definitely the path to least resistance. It is the easiest because all you have to do is work more and put in more hours than your coworkers and get results. You get some nice recognition and networking along the way.

      It was in turmoil when it happened but I was glad it happened because it was time to shop the discounts! Being greedy for good companies while everyone else is in fear can be a great strategy.

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