ideal self

Your Ideal Self Starts with a Purpose

I’m blogging hopefully to better my reader’s financial lives. I write about how to save thousands a year, how to become a millionaire, developing your career, and everything in between. These are things I advocate because these are components that I can see my ideal self having. However, with every end goal to be the best that you can be, the first step is to determine your purpose.

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horrible job featured

5 Ways a Horrible Job Helps You

A horrible job can be a blessing in disguise. I’ve had my fair share of horrible jobs and I can say that I took something out of each one. It taught me so many life skills and characteristics that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. There are 5 ways that a horrible job can actually help you, instead of hurting you.

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million dollar club

Million Dollar Club, I’m Joining!

I am joining the Million Dollar Club! No I have not become a millionaire yet (I’m so far from it). The Million Dollar Club is J$’s creation at Budgets Are Sexy to make it public the steps that a blogger or someone is taking to be able to become a millionaire.

I want to be a millionaire so badly and I am taking steps to get to where I want to go. The ideal age that I want to be come a millionaire is 35 but I expect it to be a little later, like 40. Becoming a millionaire is no easy task and I expect there to be a lot of bumps in the road but I will get there. No one in my family is or has ever been a millionaire so first time for everything right?

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