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I hope that I’ve properly communicated the purpose of my blog to my readers. The purpose of this blog is to communicate about practicing sound financial decisions to reach financial independence at any age. What are some examples of sound financial decisions?

1. investing

2. saving

3. earning more.

3 might not be in someone’s control (it definitely could through salary negotiations, starting a business, or investing, but there’s risks to these strategies and sometimes risks can’t be controlled because a recession can happen due to external factors) but 1. and 2. definitely are, so there can be no excuses to why someone cannot do them. If there’s no way of saving with the current income, expenses can always be lowered. For example, read: How I lived on $2 a day.

I want my readers to join me in my journey to reach financial independence and hope that I can give quality information along the way so that you can do the same. Financial independence is possible at any age, income, living condition, ethnicity, or start. Just take a look at this article by Business Insider detailing a janitor’s path to reaching an $8 million net worth.

Not many of us end up with an $8 million net worth by the end, but he was able to execute this strategy through frugal living, smart investments, and eschewing consumerism. If he can do it, anyone else in the world can do it! I believe in all of my readers!

My Number

With all of this being said, every one of us has an ideal number on what it will take to comfortably retire. The number is two-fold: age and dollar amount. For me personally, I think a $5 million dollar retirement nut will be a great number to retire with. This is an outlandish goal, as even saving $1 million is a hard task. However, I don’t want to end up with a number that I’m not happy with just because I didn’t set a high enough goal in the beginning. It’s time to dream large, baby!

Path to Profitability

How will I get there? Through the 3 sound financial decisions that I detailed above. I’ve reached a habit of practicing them every day and ferociously believe that if I practice them every day, my net worth goal can be reached by the age of 50! Blind optimism or well reasoned belief? We’ll just have to find out! Don’t worry, I will detail every detail of my journey in this blog, from the tears of joys shed by making great financial decisions to the tears of sadness shed by making terrible financial decisions, you will get to know every pleasant and gruesome details!

The Goal

To be clear, I do not want to reach retirement to stop working. I gain a lot of utility from working, whether that’s reading to give myself an edge against someone else, working out to better my physical health, starting a blog to help others reach their financial independence goals, or resting in bed enjoying hot tea while reflecting on what I did the past couple of days to figure out how I can optimize or improve on that situation.

Then what do I want? I want to reach retirement so that working becomes an option and a choice, not a need. For me, working becomes a pain for me when I realize that I have to finish a task, otherwise there could be not-so-pleasant consequences (getting fired, not getting a raise, not being able to afford food, etc). However, when I realize that I am choosing to work, instead of work choosing me, work becomes enjoyable, no matter how crazy that may sound!

Finance Solver

I grew my net worth to $40,000 as a college student through hard work, discipline, and a little bit of luck. I graduated college in 2016 and will be starting to plan for my retirement once I start working.I am planning on reaching financial independence by my early 30's and I will document my moments of inspiration all the way to desperation here.

My goal is to enable your success in personal finance so that you can realize the American dream. The first step is starting today!

Read more about me here.

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