Win By Numbers: How Many Wins it Takes to be Successful

win by numbers

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am going to answer a very important question that everyone seeking success needs to ask. Success can be defined on your own terms, whether it is in relationships, in business, in money, being the best photographer, or anything else that you can think of!

Win By Numbers

Have you ever met, read about, or seen someone who is worth millions of dollars and wondered how did he or she get there? I know I have. The only other thing I am wondering after how he or she got there is how many wins it took.

The answer is shocking. It more than likely took only one win before he or she became an “overnight success.” What do I mean by this? I don’t mean to say that they won the lottery and made lots of money without putting in any hard work whatsoever.

This isn’t the path to success!


Yes, there are times where that is the case, but it is very rare. Most of the time, they developed good money habits, took some risks, failed and learned from mistakes, and finally succeeded. But what’s more important is that they only had to win once. 

What Do I Mean by Winning Only Once?

Winning once means launching a failed business idea after failed business idea but that one idea and execution where you got it correct led you to win.

You’ve searched endlessly looking for that perfect romantic partner and had numerous (more than you can count!) failed relationships but all you need is to be right once then you’re a success at relationships.

You’ve moved from company to company because it wasn’t the right fit or they’ve laid off a lot of employees but all it takes is finding that one employer where you thrive and make Director status over the years.

You’ve spent years, sleepless nights, and an excessive amount of money figuring out how to network effectively and after one successful networking meeting, you suddenly figure out what you’re doing wrong and make it work which propels you to be a master networker. Being so successful, you branch out by starting a business teaching people how to network effectively.

In all of these cases, all you need is one success. It takes years of hard work to build up the skill you want and figure out how to do it better than anyone you know then once you have that one success, everyone will call you an overnight success. What’s important is that one is all you need to be the person you want.

This is all you need!
This is all you need!

Next Steps – What to do After You Win

One of the last things that I want to mention is that while you only need one win, the next step is to maintain your win. In the last example, if the person hadn’t kept trying to be successful with networking efforts and moved on to other things, the person wouldn’t have had a chance to know what the real reason was that the person was successful in it.

If you do one thing that makes something work and you continuously do that one thing that makes the same thing work, you know that was the reason why the win happened. You have to keep maintaining your win in order to see through the full potential of what you can become.

This 2-step process will make you look like an overnight success to anyone!


I can’t leave my readers without telling a couple of examples of prominent businessmen that have only needed one win to be successful.

Mark Cuban – he is my all-time favorite businessman to follow and learn from. He has failed a lot since his one win. He started a college bar that had to be shut down, he was fired from a company, he ate ketchup and mustard sandwiches when he started Microsolutions to have enough money to fund the company, he gave an engagement ring to his ex-girlfriend that she ended up losing and an inevitable breakup happened, and countless more failures that I can think of.

However, he kept working on it diligently with no doubts as to whether countless sleepless nights happened along the way, and 5+ years after first starting Microsolutions, he sold it to H&R Block that netted him $2 million.

This 1 win allowed him to retire early before starting another company that propelled his status to the billionaire club. Again, another one separate win from his previous one that propelled him to win.

Sylvestor Stallone – Stallone’s story is an unusual one because I’ve never ever heard a story with so much failures. When I say countless sleepless nights, I want to crown him as the person who had the most sleepless nights (without a medical condition, of course).

Sylvestor wanted to star in movies. He didn’t care about acquiring wealth or being rich, he wanted to be a star in a film where millions of people will watch. Guess how many rejections he received before his one win? Over one thousand and four hundred rejections. No agents would take him. He applied to some of the same agents MULTIPLE times. No calls.

Money didn’t come in so his wife left him and he had to even sell his dog for $25 to buy food and survive. This traumatizing experience led to him realizing he had to do something, so he wrote a script that would soon later become Rocky. He was offered $125k for the script from businessmen. One caveat, he wasn’t allowed to star in it. Rocky rejected it because he wasn’t allowed to star in it.

Businessmen then offered $250k. Rejected. $325k. Rejected. Then the businessmen offered $35k plus a seat as the star in the movie. Accepted. The film grossed in the 9 figure range and won multiple Oscars. What did Stallone do after his new found success? For starters, he went into the place that he sold the dog and he bought it back for $15k. But I digress.

The end point is that he failed more times than anyone I know COMBINED, where his wife left him, he had to sell the dog, and was probably humiliated being rejected 1,000+ times. But all he needed was that ONE win that got him to where he is and that’s a beautiful thing.

Readers, what one win do you need and what are you doing to get there?

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