horrible job featured

5 Ways a Horrible Job Helps You

A horrible job can be a blessing in disguise. I’ve had my fair share of horrible jobs and I can say that I took something out of each one. It taught me so many life skills and characteristics that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. There are 5 ways that a horrible job can actually help you, instead of hurting you.

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long lasting relationships

How to Build Long Lasting Relationships

Last Tuesday, I went to my first networking event that wasn’t company sponsored. It was for INROADS, an organization that promotes diversity and connects underserved youth with employers looking for top notch talent. I’m not and wasn’t affiliated with the organization at all, and it was a second annual ALUMNI event, so needless to say, I felt so out of place. How can I build long lasting relationships when I feel so scared to talk to anyone?! I managed to build up the courage to talk to 3 individuals there and in the few minutes of talking to them, they made all the difference in the world in my life. Here is how.

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million dollar club

Million Dollar Club, I’m Joining!

I am joining the Million Dollar Club! No I have not become a millionaire yet (I’m so far from it). The Million Dollar Club is J$’s creation at Budgets Are Sexy to make it public the steps that a blogger or someone is taking to be able to become a millionaire.

I want to be a millionaire so badly and I am taking steps to get to where I want to go. The ideal age that I want to be come a millionaire is 35 but I expect it to be a little later, like 40. Becoming a millionaire is no easy task and I expect there to be a lot of bumps in the road but I will get there. No one in my family is or has ever been a millionaire so first time for everything right?

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lose cash featured

Why I Purposely Lose Cash Every Month

Popular personal finance blogs and practical sense advocate for you to make more cash than lose cash in the last 30 days. If you spend more than what you bring in, there needs to be something that makes up that gap (like debt), otherwise your funds will dwindle. I wholeheartedly agree that over the long term to be sustainable, that needs to happen. However, I lose cash more months out of the year than not. Losing cash is not always a bad proposition, depending on the circumstances.

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have more money featured

How to Have More Money This Month

I constantly look for ways to have more money at the end of the month. There’s two ways of approaching this. One way is to make more money and another way is to cut expenses. I will be talking about the steps I take to shave off expenses in my budget to have more at the end of the month. At this rate, I will have almost an extra $4000 after 1 year!

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pursuing freedom solving finance featured

Pursuing Freedom Interviews

I’m featured in the pursuing freedom series hosted by Thias at It Pays Dividends. Here’s the link if you want to check it out! 

You can find a lot more about me (like what my biggest financial mistake was, what I like to do in my free time, and what one thing I would ask the interview’s readers to do). The interview was a ton of fun and you can find out a little more information about me.

The interviews feature bloggers weekly and it’s another way for personal finance bloggers to be a lot more personal whether it’s about their finances or themselves. Here’s a short snippet of the interview:

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avoidable money mistake

4 Avoidable Money Mistakes to Stop (Today!)

Money mistakes are everywhere. What’s worse is that avoidable ones exist. I’ve made countless avoidable money mistakes in the past and will continue to make mistakes in the future. However, I’ve been able to fix some of the habits after going back and analyzing my spending behavior. I’ve found some common ones that I used to make and some that I’ve seen people do. I’ve highlighted some of them below that can be fixed just by doing something differently. One avoidable money mistake snowballs into bigger ones down the road so it’s better to fix them right away!

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4 Tips on Negotiating a Car Price

negotiating a car priceI’m a big fan of negotiation. It’s all strategy and there’s always tricks you could do. Mark Cuban used the “24 second” shot clock trick on Shark Tank. Another trick is to use silence. Silence is the killer that can make the other side very uncomfortable. I’m not an expert on negotiation by any means, but I have recently gone through negotiating a car price and will detail what I found out. To this day, I still don’t know if I won but I think I got a great deal out of it. Buying a car for the first time is something that the majority of people go through, which is why I will share my experience to learn what to do and what not to do.

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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Body, Your Greatest Weapon

take care of your bodyWith all of the saving, investing, and personal finance that I focus on, it’s easy to neglect the other aspects. There are more important things than saving and investing (what?!) in life. Things such as family, relationships, time, happiness, ethical values, and most of all, health. Neglecting health could equate to thousands of dollars of medical bills. Our bodies depreciate as time passes. Therefore, why not take good care of it, which is potentially your greatest asset that you could have. Take care of your body so you can live longer. Not just longer, but better as well. Best of all, there are free activities that you can do to get more health. Sounds like a great deal to me!

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Saving Money is an Insurance Policy

insurance policyAn Insurance policy can save you during the bad times as you contribute to it during the (hopefully) good times. You contribute to it in case you do need it. It’s like putting in the work and preparing for the next presentation or job interview.  Preparation isn’t needed but if the spotlight suddenly turns to you, you’re prepared to capitalize and pounce on the opportunity. Without preparation or practice, there may not be a guarantee of success but there will be a guarantee of failure. Saving puts you up to succeed in the down times.

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